Tricking Tutorials

Front Flip Difficulty: Impressive:
Front Layout 180 Difficulty: Impressive:
B-Kick Difficulty: Impressive:
Tornado Kick Difficulty: Impressive:
540 Kick Difficulty: Impressive:
Cartwheel Difficulty: Impressive:
Masterswipe Difficulty: Impressive:
Kip Up (And Variations) Difficulty: Impressive:
Backhand Spring Difficulty: Impressive:
Beginner Handstand Difficulty: Impressive:
2 Handed Lever and Turtle Difficulty: Impressive:



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  1. Hi this is Tong-Len

    I’m reading your blog from time to time. Good stuff !

    Maybe I have something relevant for your blog:

    As you know this is Martial Arts Tricking. We worked extremely hard to fulfill our dream of this DVD. (first of its kind)

    on you’ll find a very good dvd-review with all information you might want to know.

    your support would be much appreciated because it’s really hard to distribute a DVD just online independently…
    Tong-Len (Silvio Baumgarten)

  2. heyy my name is beau and i would like some tutorials on back 180’s

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