Double Leg

November 28, 2007 at 2:23 pm | Posted in Tricking | 2 Comments

Difficulty: Impressive

This is definitely one of the more impressive moves in regards to novice tricking, especially when done over an object or small wall. Just a quick note, this is not a flip, it is a kick with both your legs rather than one. And there are huge differences between this and a side flip including the following things: takeoff, upper body motions, and position of legs while midair. That being said let’s continue with the tutorial.

The takeoff involves going off of two feet, whether they are together or apart is preference but in this tutorial I suggest having them together for a strong punch. Here is a crucial part, throw your arms into the air and torque in the direction you want to rotate. USE YOUR ARMS, otherwise its just not going to work.

At this point there’s no turning back so just keep rotating. If you stop rotating you’re going to land on your back which can be very painful. Most people would say at this point to keep your arms in your chest while you rotate, but I feel more power and torque when I keep them around my head which helps my brain to emphasize to turn my neck.

If you’ve gotten to this point congratulations you have landed a Double Leg. Even if you’ve got it down to a science I’d suggest learning it from both takeoffs, the punch and the split step.

1. Takeoff from either the punch or split step
2. Use your arms to propel you skywards
3. Torque using your shoulders, neck,and arms the legs will follow
4. Spot your landing



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  1. woot! go you. šŸ™‚ … I’m guessing this was shot prior to the knee tweakage? What are the rest of the crew at the gym like? did you drag your mates along, or have you just met them there?

  2. :S not a fan it wasnt that good…sorry

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