Front 180 Layout

September 22, 2007 at 3:29 pm | Posted in Tricking | 3 Comments

Barani Clip
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So basically this is a front flip while doing a 180 degree rotation as if the title didn’t give that away. This being said I would say that a front tuck is a prerequisite. Other than that there really isn’t much to say but let’s get started.

So just like a front flip take maybe three steps forward, keep the arms high in the air, and block.

Now for the important part. Chamber your arms so that they will have their full force to rotate your body, just DO NOT START ROTATING YET though, just chamber the arms. Jump straight up using all your power in the legs.

So once you feel yourself rotating forward and you are upside down then wrap your arms, which were previously chambered, and rip your shoulders around. Turn your neck as well because wherever your head and shoulders go, then the rest of your body will follow. Keep the arms close to the body for faster rotation. When first learning I’d suggest keeping the legs in either the straight layout form or in a tucked position, after a few lands be creative and do whatever with those legs. Keep turning until you can spot your landing, the ground.

As soon as you spot the ground whip your legs as hard as possible to the floor. In order to slow down and stop your rotation from continuing when you hit the ground and possibly hurt yourself, spread your arms out parallel to the ground. Congrats.


1. 3 Step Jog
2. Block and Jump UP
3. Chamber the arms
4. Wrap your arms around when upside down
5. Use your shoulders, neck, and arms to rotate quickly
6. Spot the ground and toss your legs towards to floor
7. Open up your arms and land



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  1. hey mate, I watched this clip on jumpcut and found the one of Tim landing on his head. What an evil slam! I’ve done that too, I swear my neck hasn’t been the same since. A gym might be full of soft stuff, but it can still hurt hey? 🙂

  2. yeah my ankles sorting itself out atm, I got full movement etc, I just can’t jump and run on it yet. I’ve been meaning to do a little compilation of flips from all the footage I’ve got so far, gotta find time to do that tho. Look forward to seeing your progress. Do you stick your edits on youtube as well as jumpcut?

  3. Re: Youtube…. A correction for ya, its a 100mb upload on youtube… and if you have a good camera, film in good light, export to 320×240 and save in a .flv (flash video format)… you’ll find that the quality is quite good. The main reason I prefer youtube is the videos reach the biggest audience.

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