Front Flip Tutorial

June 21, 2007 at 8:53 pm | Posted in Tricking | 7 Comments

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Front Flip Clip

Front flips, the stepping stone to gaining confidence with real tricking. Personally I would suggest learning this before a back flip, a back flip is physically easier but mentally more difficult whereas a front flip is the exact opposite: more technically difficult but not much fear of killing yourself. Before you try the front flip, remember to read all my stuff or any other tricker’s material about blocking and center of gravity.

Front Flip - Run UpFront Flip - Block!

So the first step is to take a good jog, about three steps or so should be more than good enough. As soon as you are ready to jump get those arms straight into the air in some manner, since you are doing this for the first time if you are reading this tutorial then i would suggest keeping your arms in the air the entire run all the way to the jump. Remember to block by keeping your feet ahead of your jog. Front Flip - UP!

JUMP STRAIGHT UP! DO NOT GO FORWARD! If you go forward you will land low and ugly if at all. Notice how I am jumping off of the tips of my toes, this will get you maximum height.Front Flip - Tuck!

As soon as you get your maximum height, bring those knees right to your chest. A good idea to do before you attempt this move is to sit down and roll up into a ball as much as you can so that you can feel how tucked you need to be. Usually when people are first starting this helps because you feel like your legs are tucked, but all they are is bent slightly or half-assed. Keep your chin tucked too as this will increase your rotating speed. Your hands can go anywhere they feel comfortable, but to emphasize your ability to tuck I would suggest having them grab your knees and pulling.Front Flip - Untuck

This part is IMPORTANT if you want your landings to look high and land standing nearly straight up. Begin untucking about 3/4 of the way around. This will slow you down and allow your feet to find the floor. If you continued to tuck you would either land low or over rotate and land on your stomach or hands.

Front Flip - Land

As far as the landing goes try to land high and bend your knees as your bodyweight comes down, believe me, it really helps soften them impact especially if you make sure to land on the tips of your toes. Your knees will also thank you for keeping them bent a little bit.


1. 3 Step Jog
2. Block and Jump UP
3. Stall for Height
4. Tuck as tight as possible
5. Untuck about 3/4 the way around
6. Land on the tips of your toes and bend the knees



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  1. yeah man, you’ll be overtaking me in views in no time! good stuff, I’ll be pleased when you take the lead, cause it’ll take the pressure offa me 😛

    yeah i’m good thanks. just got in from the gym tonight. got front full twists happening now and have started chucking front double flips (even tho I’ve no-idea where the hell I am in the air!).

    I’ll keep checking back here and look forward to updates .

    all the best. – mark

  2. hey this is odd…. how come you posted this tute up on the 21st July and I’ve commented on the 22nd June?? have you been playing with the dates?!?!?!? lol …… anyways… cool stuff mate.. progressing well I see there. My fronts are hit and miss, sometimes I’ve got them, and sometimes I haven’t… I think I screw up the ‘opening out’ bit all too often. Meh. I’ll get em. mark 🙂

  3. i land on my back and need some help

  4. Dude that lands on his back you either need to be jumping higher or tucking so you otate quicker! Youll get it.

    Also could you post a Barani tuorial please if you can??

  5. Thanks bro this will really help!…by the way check the site;)

  6. ive pretty just started free running, ive learnt a few vaults and now want to learn flips… any help? ><

  7. i’ve read the tutorials and tried for myself on mats.. but i cant seem to get enough height. ><

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