540 Kick

June 17, 2007 at 1:27 pm | Posted in Tricking | 1 Comment

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So now we have reached the basis of so many tricks and a big confidence booster for those of you just beginning on tricking. Before you read any farther, read my tutorial on the Tornado Kick and make sure that you have master it. A 540 kick is, simply put, a jumping kick where the practitioner lands on the kicking foot.

So first start with the same setup as a Tornado Kick. This is called a gyro setup for future reference. Notice how I am swinging my arms down so that in a moment I can throw them up with the maximum amount of force possible. This is important because this will help you stall and get more air.

Now HURL those arms up and lift with that leg. Make sure to throw that leg with enough force to make a clear and distinct path for the actual kick. Look up and at the target whatever it may be.

Now kick and hard! Make sure that as you kick you turn your hip. Bend the non-kicking leg.

If it looks like you are about to fall don’t worry because you shouldn’t if you have gotten this far. And I like the way in which Jujimufu puts it, “The spin is just fluff….the kick is what matters.” So kick nice and hard with that in mind. However if you want more spin, wrap the arms around and turn your neck until you feel you have spun sufficiently. So go out and try it, its not all too difficult.

Final Tips:
1. When I first was attempting this move, I tried to do it at the same pace as a Tornado Kick. However, I eventually found out that the faster you spin and the more you rip through the ground into a jump the better. So don’t expect to just magically life and spin, put all your energy into every jump and every kick.

1. Gyro setup
2. Throw the leg and arms into the air as hard as possible!
3. KICK!
4. Bend the non-kicking leg and turn the hips
5. Land


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  1. If possible could you put up a video clip of the 540?

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