Tornando Kick Tutorial

March 28, 2007 at 5:41 pm | Posted in Tricking | 2 Comments

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Yet again another easy trick that you can learn in a few tries if not the first one. Now let’s get into the actual move, by the way this isn’t really a trick just a prerequisite for a 540 which I will be writing as soon as I get the time. Basically this is just a jumping and spinning kick.

Now what’s happening here? I’m getting momentum by spinning around and getting my leg a bit of a stretch so I can extend it farther in a few can go either fast or slow, i switch off depending on how I want it to look.

Now you are just about to jump so dig down ever so slighty (as you can see my knees are slightly bent) and get those arms ready to be thrown into the air. If you don’t use the arms then you won’t get either height or speed in the spin and if you somehow manage to do it good job but you probably can’t.

Throw that non-kicking leg up HIGH and HARD and the same goes for the arms. JUMP with those legs because you can’t go up without jumping obviously. Stall for maybe a fraction of a second to get the maximum amount of height which will help later with the 540.

Kick with whatever you wish, personally I like a crescent or roundhouse kick. When you kick look at your target but as soon as you finish kicking turn your head and arms so that you can finish the rotation before you hit the ground. So twist damn it twist after that kick. Then do whatever once you land, look at your target, don’t…I really don’t care just do it. So yeah, it’s a VERY easy prerequisite and very versatile in combos.



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  1. good stuff….. but kinda hard to follow because of all the different types of shots you’ve posted…. and one looks in the wrong order!

  2. Photos are kind of bright, but viewable. Not bad since most of the people that I’m likely to fight/come across would be taller than me.

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