Cartwheel Tutorial

January 26, 2007 at 7:50 pm | Posted in Tricking | 2 Comments

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First of all I will say that Just the Skills’s Aaron helped me fix my cartwheel which sounds stupid that I’d need help with such a simple move but is true. I had originally done side to side cartwheels which I’m sure is what you believe a cartwheel is since you’re reading this. That is not the case. A carthweel is you start by going forward like you are walking, bend down still going straight forward, then when your legs begin to leave the ground you torque (turn) your body to go sideways and then turn back to straight.

So going into the cartwheel as I said before start of like you’re walking forward. When first learning have the arms already in position evenly spaced to each side of your head. As soon as that first leg goes up begin to turn to body or at least prepare for the turn.

At this point you definitely need to be turning and being sideways.

Mid-cartwheel, try to keep your arms on the same path and evenly spaced around your head so as to make a straight life with your arms and your head. Jujimufu’s advice to practice on a straight line on a soccer field is definitely good because it helps to keep your hands in the correct spots. The whole line thing also applies to where your feet take off and where they land, everything about the cartwheel is about straight lines.

Turn your body back so that it is facing from the direction you came, basically in the cartwheel you made a 180 turn altogether. Remember to try and keep everything on a line, your hands and head should make a line, and where the feet take off and land should make a line. Push up with your hands and then you have done the most basic of gymnastics’s move.


1. Start straight and go forward
2. Place first hand on the ground and life the back leg
3. Turn as the legs lifts up
4. Make a straight line between your hands and feet
5. As you land turn once again to end up facing the way from which you came basically doing a 180 turn
6. Push up with the hands to a standing position

Final Notes
My legs aren’t straight.
It comes with practice and concentration.

I can’t get used to the straight carthweel.
Reread the tutorial or go find a specialist because it really isn’t that hard.



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  1. I’ve tried to do cartwheels many times and I know that I’m doing everything right. However, no matter how hard I push off, I’m not able to go up and over, meaning looking at one point like you’re doing a handstand. I can only go sideways. How can I fix this problem. Is it a problem with leg strength?

  2. People shouldn’t underestimate the difficulty it takes to do a cartwheel, I can tell you that much.

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