Kip Up Tutorial (Plus Variations)

January 22, 2007 at 3:34 pm | Posted in Tricking | 4 Comments

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The main types of kip ups that I am aware of are basic kip ups, no handed kip ups, and starfish kip ups. In this tutorial I will be addressing the basic kip ups and their variations (I do not feel that I have good enough experience with the other two moves to give a tutorial about them as of right now). The kip up is kind of a prerequisite for handsprings, or atleast they contain the same movements of springing up and around off of the ground.

Generic Kip Up

You want to be laying with your back to the floor. With or without your knees bent, you’re going to be doing the same thing anyways so you can chose.

Next you are going to raise up your legs and chamber them so that you will soon be able to get the maximum momentum possible from your legs. Some people chamber their legs so far back that it almost touches the ground behind their heads, I like to have my legs chamber into my chest. Now, at the same thime that you are chambering you are going to place your hands above the shoulders and to the side of the head with the fingers facing away from the body. While chambering also roll onto your upper back a bit.

Now push up hard with your legs STRAIGHT UP! Push off with your hands STRAIGHT UP! This is a going up movement, not forward, up. I posted a wrong way to do a kip up in the previous two sections. Notice the third picture in the set above, I’m shooting more forward then up, why is this? Because I didn’t roll onto my back which cause your body to shoot in the direction it thinks is up, which really was forward rather than up. So roll onto your back because otherwise it will look bad and you will not land it consistently.

Hook the legs underneath your but and try to stay on the tips of your toes, it just works out better that way believe me. Some people believe that the momentum will jus bring your upper body to a standing position, WRONG. Now that you have a pair of feet planted on the floor, pull your upper body up to standing.

This isn’t really a trick, more or less its just a linking move or something to make it look intentional when you fall or bail out of a trick. Relatively speaking its an easy move and it just looks cool and feels cool to do this when you get out of bed or off of the floor.

Rolling Kip Up

This is the same as a Kip up except it is precede by a roll. So instead of repeating everything I just said just add a front roll and add a kip up before your lower back reaches the floor. And please, for your own sake don’t roll on your neck, bad things happen.


1. Roll onto your upper back

2. Chamber your legs and get those arms ready to push

3. Push STRAIGHT UP fast with all your body, especially those legs and hands

4. Whip those feet beneath you and pull the upper body back up

5. As request by Mark: USE THOSE ARMS, push off hard with them because otherwise you won’t get the nessesary height.



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  1. yeah it really helps to push on those arms. not sure you stressed that enough.

    I was trying no-handed ones the other night… got a few in the end, but much harder. Gotta use your arms and throw them forwards towards your knees for the momentum, and roll up onto the back of your head to help get the extension needed to get off the ground. Helps to have a tight ‘arc’ with the legs when flipping out of that one.

    I have no-idea what a starfish kip-up is.

  2. yea me neither, cud you describe what a starfish kip-up is, i just wanna know what it is.

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  4. thanks m8 this tutorial helps a lot I do parkour and its beautiful after a fresh roll lol sweet cheers m8

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