2 Handed Lever and Turtle Tutorial

January 15, 2007 at 10:33 pm | Posted in Tricking | 5 Comments

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2 Handed Lever Clip

So to begin, there are really few differences between the 2 handed lever and the turtle, mainly in the arms and looks (actually that’s pretty much it). This move is basically just you balancing the body off of the ground using nothing but your hands. It looks like this:

whereas the turtle looks like this:

The difference is all in the arms. Normally a two handed lever’s arms are bent at a 135 degree angle or so whereas the turtle is at about 90 degrees. Try to notice this difference in my arms looking like either _| or _/. It makes a huge difference on the body’s ability to balance itself in the straightened or folded position. Alright let’s move onto the setup.

Your arms should be about shoulder width apart and facing in opposite directions to the side. The reason being it allows the most stability and if you have your hands facing straight foward, they would bend and probably be hurting like hell. Fingers should be spread apart to once again, create the most stability.

Next you are going to “stab” your elbows into the area where where your stomach should kind of fold back. Your elbows should feel like they are going into a spot made just for them. (Thanks Beast Tutorials for the image)

Alright so get your arms into place a begin to lift those legs up while balancing on your core. Look up or at the ground, whatever feels best.

Keep lifting until you feel you are at about 180 degrees otherwisse known as flat. The first few times probably won’t be for more than a few seconds, but after practice you can hold that position for a relatively long time. Now as far as the turtle goes; just bend those knees, raise yourself higher, and bring those arms at a 90 degree angle.

Final Tips

1. Remember to keep those arms at either 135 degrees for the lever or 90 for the turtle

2. Don’t hold yourself longer than you can take, might fall flat on your face

3. You can do this pretty much anywhere you can get your arms onto



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  1. you forgot to mention you need arms like tree trunks to do this 😉

  2. no you don’t, it’s all about balancing

  3. Nice tutorial,although i’m still unable to do it….must be due to my weak strength(inability to even perform 1chin-up)

  4. Strength has nothing to do with it. I can’t go near doing a chin up and I can do this – not very well, and not very long, I lose my balance, but I can do it…and my arms are -tiny- flipcatch. It just takes practice. Try finding a local breaker or, if you’re as lucky as I am, a group – I’m sure they could teach you, if the tutorial didn’t work.

  5. oh, really great tutorial. its so awsome once you get the hang of it. and by the way Butterfly and bBoy chingZ are right. im like only 12 and on my first try it was so fun and easy. though it hurts my lower abs.

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