B-kick Tutorial

January 13, 2007 at 6:56 pm | Posted in Tricking | 1 Comment

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This move is nothing hard, it is just a horizontal floaty kick that is used more as a prerequisite for a B-Twist (Butterfly Twist) and a link in combo chains. This is a really good move to start with because it boosts your confidence and its nearly impossible to fall on the ground with it. This was one of the first moves I learned and it boosted me right into tricking and since then I can’t get enough of it. There are a ton of different set ups so I will talk about my favorite one with a small jog. And no,at points there are two pictures to one paragraph, mainly because I felt the words made more sense that way.

Alright so first you want to take a slight jog to gain some momentum, really that’s all there is to it.

Alright now this one is a little difficult to explain. You want to start turning to your left (depending on the side you jump off of) and bring your foot around in a circular motion. You also want to kick it out far so as to add extra momentum to the move. So really all you’re doing is doing a wierd little spin while kicking out in front of you. What this does is giving you horizontal momentum which you will soon turn into verticle height. You also want to begin to swing your arms as this isn’t really all too important to the move, but it is VERY important (at least to me) for the later variation the B-Twist.

Alright at this point you want to dip down and bring your arms down. What is happening is that you are chambering your energy so you can explode into the sky. Still obviously you must be carrying that momentum from the jog so you don’t stop and admire the people watching you.

So now is your time to explode! Kick the back leg up HARD AND HIGH while turning the body to the side so as to kick whatever the target is even though it will probably be a weak kick. Throw your arms up and jump off of your toes. Jumping off the toes is important because it gives you the maximum amount of airtime and height, and generally we do this just about every move anyways. Remember this is a floaty move so stay up as long as you can and keep as horizontal as possible. Turning the body to the side is also important because it just makes the move look better and your throwing your body in that direction so you can kick whatever it is you’re trying to kick I guess.

Plant that leg when you feel nessesary and land gracefully. and come out of the move. Spot the ground and pull the upper body up to a standing position.

Now you’re done and can go out and practice some more and get ready for a B-Twist!


1. Jog

2. Spin and kick that leg out for momentum

3. Dip, chamber the arms, bend the legs, and prepare to jump

4. EXPLODE! Lift the back leg hard and high, throw those arms up, jump off the toes

5. Stay horizontal and floaty

6. Land

Final Tips
I Can’t keep horizontal and I always end up verticle.

Dip the body, turn to the side more before you jump, and it will work out with practice if you keep the technique. Jumping while dipping usually causes something like an aerial b-kick thing which looks ugly usually and just isn’t good technique. Jumping without dipping usually causes a person to stay verticle which just makes the move look retarded.


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  1. Good tut, but I’m missing something. I think you didn’t stressed out the main concept: the change of legs. First, the non-jumping leg goes up obviously, then the jumping leg lifts to that level too, and after a little stall, the non-jumping leg lands on the floor.
    Good job anyways 😉

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