DVD Burning

January 9, 2007 at 2:05 am | Posted in Computers | Leave a comment

Alright, lets see where to start.  Download a program called DVD Shrink.  Place your DVD into your DVD rom (note that you must have a DVD rom or a DVD burner in order to do this).  Install the Progam obviously.  Open up the program and select the icon labeled “Open Disc.”  Then it will allow you to select the DVD and click Ok to continue.  Now go get a drink because it will take a while to open the DVD files.  From here you can either save the DVD to a file to burn to another DVD later or you can watch it on the computer using D-Tools which is a completely different tutorial.  Alright so now you click Backup and select where you want the files to be saved.  Oh by the way make sure to go to options and save the file as an .iso extension because, well its just easier lets say that.  Alright go back to backup and select where you want it to be saved.  Walah…the DVD is now being burned onto your computer for your viewing pleasure at any time.  So there you go…the key to all your DVD burning needs.

Common Problems:

Invalid DVD Structure – This generally means that the DVD contains a different style of menu than the general one that DVD readers can read obviously.  Usually this is some sort of flash opening or an autorun program that pops up on computers.  This so far is impassable with the use of DVD Shrink, try Magic ISO if nessesary otherwise I will update you all as soon as I find a way around this problem.


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