Begginner’s Handstand Tutorial

January 8, 2007 at 4:39 am | Posted in Tricking | 2 Comments

Handstand Clip
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Alright so first off, this trick is NOT HARD AT ALL.  It just takes a little getting used to, just like us when we first started walking on our feet from crawling around and annoying the hell out of people. Now remember as I have said before, be able to distinguish personal preference from technique of the actual move. Alright now get your mind set and in check. Remember all it is is standing on your hands, thus the name handstand. Obviously I’m prepared and ready for this move because I just am.

At this point I am kicking my first leg up and the second leg looks like it is about to follow from the force of my other leg. Now here is where the first problem comes in: people need to learn how hard to kick that leg yet not too hard as to throw themselves into a front hand spring. All I can say is that you need enough to shift your weight to your hands, lift that second leg, but not throw yourself overboard.

Now at this point when you are first learning you have to keep your feet together. It helps with balance and its just easier that way. Later on you can do something like Xs and such but thats once you get the handstand down. Now here ia a part with personal preference. I like to keep my head facing the ground because I feel I have more maneuverability with my legs and balance better and that is my personal preference. Most of the time you will see people with their heads more straight like it would be if they were casually walking which makes your body more straight. This is how I first learned the move but then moved over to the other way because I liked it better. As we are on the subject of personal preferences, you can either hand your hands pointed forwards or to the sides. When they are forward it creates a line with your body and it is technically the correct way. However some people have their hands to the sides as to balance better. I believe either way is correct as to whatever allows you to do the move.

Now come out of the handstand feeling like you’re the coolest guy, or chick, in the world. Now go because rereading this won’t do you much good unless you try it out…NOW.


1. Know the technique and get in the mindset.

2. Kick that leg if you’re a begginner to gain some momentum.

3. Bring that leg up with the perfect amount of force to bring yourself vertical and that second leg up but not enough to throw you into a front hand spring.

4. Head down, toes up, hands wherever, arms STRAIGHT, abs flexed, and spectators in awe.

5. Bring those legs down and feel like a God, or at least something better than you felt before.

Final Tips

Do I need a lot of strength to hold myself up?

Not really, its all relative to your body weight. I find that it takes more balance than actual brute strength. Its just like standing, you just need to develop the right muscles.



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  1. a good tute that. I’ll try that leg swing method and see how that works for me. I tend to practice handstands up against a wall, it really helps. And I’m told that having your fingers facing forwards allows you to press on your fingertips to stop you from moving forwards. I notice a lot of people that have their hands sideways, tend to pace from side to side for stability.

  2. i cant even do a handstand and i want to be like the girl on step up 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1[please help]

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