Backhand Spring Tutorial (Pictures coming soon)

January 8, 2007 at 7:56 pm | Posted in Tricking | 2 Comments

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Alright, first of all, this is NOT a flip, it is just you flinging your legs over your body while in a handstand position. The main reason that everyone doesn’t do this move is fear, they are afraid to move backwards to where they cannot see. I will reiterate this as I do in every tutorial: DO NOT FIGHT FEAR, live with it and just do the move once you know how to do it. Fighting fear makes you second guess yourself and bail. Soonto the tutorial.

Alright well first of all you’re going to bend down and chamber your jump, not so far as to be bending them like crazy because then you won’t have any real momentum to arch your back and just end up jumping super high then eating crapoalds of grass. You’re also chambering your hands preparing to move them up and around, so as you can see they are behind your body. Doing this with your hands will make the move much cleaner, fluid, and easier. Head is straight and facing forward.

Next you are going to start leaning back as you jump, this is NOT a back arch or anything like that, you are moving up and back. Reach high with those arms and begin to lean back in one clean motion. Most people say to not look back when you do this move, personally I find that people are abl to make it work either way its just a matter of personal preference. I perfer to switch it up sometimes and toy around with different ideas.

Try to spot where your hands are going to go as you look at the ground before you land on your hands. This just helps overall and makes sure you’re notrunning your hands into glass. Now the momentum of you going backwards will fling your feet over you, they just sort of do it because I said so. Keep the feet together, later on as usual you can toy with the legs but for now keep them together.

Now push off your hands and land those legs. Now you are done! You now look like an awesome ninja or have A.D.D. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Now go out and do it again and again!

Things to remember:

Its a FLING not a FLIP.

Going backwards is scary at first but just do it and you can get over it.

Spot your arms’ landing and keep them straight.

Swing those arms and chamber the legs but not too far as to be unable to lean back.

Don’t worry about falling, you can always stop yourself from getting hurt with your hands and really its a relatively safe trick compared to lets say a real backflip.



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  1. ok this one, I’m gonna definitely need a video clip

  2. aye, a video clip or pictures would be good

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