Training Methods and Workouts (More to come)

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Well where to begin…My PERSONAL PREFERENCE is to combine water training, weight lifting, and cardio workouts. What does this mean? Well…

Gym weight lifting, Pull ups, Sit ups, ankle workouts, wrist workouts, Running, stationary bike, water training, REST

Do I do these everyday? Of course not. I alternate my workouts based on a schedule and what tricks I am learning. For example, you never do cardio workouts and weight workouts on the same day because you don’t gain as much muscle mass and in the end all you’re doing is working out two completely different areas of ability which rarely works out.

Gym Weight Lifting- never do more than you can handle obviously.  And never push yourself to the point of collapsing, its just not good for you.

Ankle workouts- I’d highly reccommend Dogen’s “Titanium Ankles” video. I’ll summarize my views on this training. YOU NEED IT. It makes your jumps higher, landings softer, reduces the chance of injury, and is an overall good workout for any sport especially high impact sports (e.g. track, jumping). Personally I do these everyday when I wake up and before I go to sleep.

Wrist workouts- mainly these are for more of the tricks as seen on Beast Skills some of which involve holding your entire body weight using only your hands completely off the ground. They are also a good warmp up device. Basically this is the same idea as the ankle workouts: better grip, less pain, less injuries, stronger wrists.

Running and Stationary bikes- Helps with endurance, leg muscles, and in the case of running it helps with upper body weight as well as weight loss. Basically you can do whatever you want with these two depending on your current skil level. This is not in anyway nessesary to tricking but since I am a runner I do it because it helps me with just about everything I do.

Pull ups- Work outs the back and shoulders. Not much else to say…

Water Training- Check out Dogen’s “H2O” video for his ideas. This really helps because it allows you to become comfortable with the tricks and increases your abilities exponentially. Water training is also better on the joints as well as building up you muscles, well actually this training defines them more (basically makes normally regular looking guys looked ripped with minmal amounts of muscle).

REST- Most important training part. Get your rest and allow your muscles and joints to recover. Not only will this allow you to gain more muscle more quickly but it will also vastly improve your ability when coupled with short tricking sessions. Don’t fall for thatjunk where people tell you to not rest and train everyday, that is just stupid and counter productive. Rest allows your body to grow and recover so that it can work harder the next day. Rest also lowers the chance of injury by a lot. THIS IS REQUIRED FOR SMART TRICKING!

DO NOT TRICK WITHOUT BEING IN SHAPE! Tricking does not get you in amazing shape by trying moves your body can’t do. By being in shape your body is able to do more things and you have a lower chance of injury. Check out Dogen’s “Conditioning” video, it inspires and warns people. Tricking gets you in shape, but to the extent that you get in shape with the moves that you are doing, IF YOU DO THEM RIGHT. So get conditioned before you even try tricking.

Train Your Mind- Learn the technique and watch tons of videos of people doing the moves you want to learn. You obviously cannot do the move if you don’t know how. As mentioned in my other post: learn to differentiate personal preference from actual technique. Watch the video until it is burned into your skull for all the world to see. Look back at my last post titled”Things to realize when “Tricking about fear or check out either Flip-Cast, Tricks Tutorials, or any other tricking site to learn how to “overcome fear.”

With a combination of these ideas and tips you can be on your way to tricking sooner than you think.


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