Things to realize when “Tricking”

January 5, 2007 at 3:52 am | Posted in Tricking | 2 Comments

Tricking is unique.  When you first start out learning the basics, it is very very very difficult.  But once you learn the basics all tricking is is adding spins, kicks, or flips or a move which actually is harder than it sounds sometimes.  Tricking is also unique because it is something that involves no money, unless of course so die and/or go to the hospital but we are smart trickers and won’t let that happen…right? Good.  So stick with tricking because once you overcome that first hill, the hardest one, you will be on your way to ever lasting glory and coolness, as long as you stay with it.  YOU CAN DO IT.

Fear is definitely an issue with everyone when tricking unless you are an idiot and do stupid things without thinking. The main way, in my mind, to overcome fear is to not fight it. Fighting your fear will more likely than not cause you to second guess yourself and bail. Instead of fighting your fear try to just go with it, because fear hightens your awareness of your surroundings and abilities.

As far as what tricking is, it is what you want it to be. You can do it for show, fun, or impressing girls but that’s your call, not mine. But to a different idea of what tricking is: it is a combination of athleticism, balance, martial arts of all kinds, gymnastics, and dancing in some cases.

I, along with many other people I have studied and learned from, suggest learning at max two or three sklls at a time and those should all involve different setups and moves since your body can become used to one move and inadvertently do that move rather than the one that you want to do (for more details see Dogen’s Tutorial on Muscle Memory).

Learn to differentiate technique from personal preference. These two work hand in hand, when you’re the one with the personal preference and can do the move. But when you are first learning try to stick to the technique and learn your preference by trying all sorts of different methods and styles. Part of tricking is trying new things, to keep your mind open to new things.

I am in no way an expert, I am still learning most of how to do the basic moves. However I can safely say that I know the techniques front to back even though I am unable to physically do them…yet.



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  1. Since you know how to do these tricks u r gonna pretty much show me how to do it in person at tennis cuz im too lazy to look at the steps on the sites u gave me….right??? thanks 😀

  2. a good read here… and great tricking info generally. I need all the advice I can get, so I’ll return (as long as you keep posting I mean) mark

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