Proper Progression

January 5, 2007 at 5:16 am | Posted in Tricking | Leave a comment

What is proper progression?  Its learning moves in a certain order that will benefit your tricking life.  NEVER do two moves that are nearly the same when you are learning them (see Dogen’s Muscle Memory).  This will confuse your body and screw up your entire trick in a multitude of ways including: doing the wrong trick!  The best example, do not learn a cartwheel, one-handed cartwheel, and aerial all at the same time.  They have very similar set ups and movements are are better left to be learned separately.  What would be the proper progression?

Cartwheel –> One-Handed Cartwheel on preferred arm –>  One-Handed Cartwheel on non-preferred arm –> Aerial and its variations

Need another example?

360 Cresent –> Tornado Kick –> 540 –> 540 Cresent –>720 etc…

Basically what this all means is that you learn the easier prerequisites to moves then move onto the hard ones once you have mastered or atleast learned the prerequisite.  Sometimes you don’t need a “prerequisite” to a move but usually those are specific instances where people are randomly able to do the move without proper progression however it is very ill advised to not follow proper progression at least to some degree.


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